Welcome to Headquarters!


Pillow Room

After a busy day of completing missions and helping friends, all the babies love to climb into their warm and cozy pillow beds for a good night’s rest. The Lil’ Capers follow next, led by Bozzie who is always ready for a good sleep. Sweet dreams Becca, Bethany, Blake & Ben. Tomorrow will be another big day for the Bottle Squad!



Do you know the Alphabet song? In the classroom, the babies practice counting numbers, singing the letters of the alphabet and fitting shapes together. Babels purrs as stories are read. It’s Bethany’s favorite room and she encourages everyone to grow their brain power!


Baby Bootcamp

Time for jumping jacks! Join Blake, Ben, Bethany & Becca as they stay fit with fun activities, like jumping on the trampoline or swinging across the monkey bars. Beans hops around ready to join in. Watch out for Blake! She’s ready to set a new record on the obstacle course.


Mission Control Room

Welcome to Mission Control! The control room is where the action happens. Barkie loves the control room and his ears pop-up at the sign of any trouble. Whenever there is trouble or someone needs the help of the Bottle Squad, the Bottle Squad bottle lights up, the babies gather round and the mission is revealed.