Meet the Squad

Meet the Bottle Squad

Meet Blake

Blake is the Bottle Squad champion who can crawl the fastest & fly the highest! She has limitless energy that helps her win crawling races!  She is adventurous & is always ready to take off to save the day!  

Blake's Toys
Super Strong

Meet Bethany

You can often find Bethany buried in books. At nursery school, she was the first to learn her ABC’s and win a pink ribbon in the Bottle Squad Spelling Bee. She is curious and is always asking lots of questions. Her super smarts help the Squad in a number of missions that require quick thinking and quick escape.

Bethany's Toys
Super Smart

Meet Becca

Becca has the star power to combat any fear, including fear of the dark! When there are noises in the night and monsters under the bed, Becca’s magical starlight shines brightly to scare them all away! She is not afraid to try new things and venture into unknown places when the Squad is on a mission.

Becca's Toys
Super Brave

Meet Ben

Ben has the sweetest smile and forgiving attitude that can disarm the scariest of beasts and soften the hardest of hearts. When they are learning something new, Ben spots things that the others do not notice. His kind manners and insights always help the Squad understand the needs of others in their missions.

Ben's Toys
Super Kind

Meet the Lil' Capers

Meet Barkie

Barkie has an instinct for danger with his strong sense of smell. He almost ‘understands’ the language of the Bottle Squad, which inevitably lands him and the other pets in trouble!

Meet Babels

Babels is an intelligent, quick -thinking kitty, but her curious nature runs her into problems and the Bottle Squad is always there to quickly save her!

Meet Beans

Beans is a very fast and funny bunny. With her adorable and innocent looking face, Beans loves to be mischievous and always gets away with her pranks on the others!

Meet Bozzie

Bozzie is a strong and loving little bear, giving everyone a bear hug each and every morning. Bozzie drinks milk instead of honey and loves taking long naps, but his loud snores have a way of disrupting the Bottle Squad’s missions!

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